Ingas archipelago

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The Ingas archipelago ['ɪŋgəs] or the Chisthian archipelago (Arithide Ingassim Moeindos [iŋ'gassim 'me.indɔs]) are a group of young islands located around the Issol A'i in the Chisthian Sea (hence the alternative name), caused by an active mantle plume along the divergent plate boundary between the Marcasian and Arophanian plates.

The major Ingas islands number fourteen, ranging in size from 2 to 13km², surrounded by more than 60 minor islets and rock outcrops that are mostly unnamed. While a few of the larger islands (e.g. the Amboi, Sortou and Klidhae islands) were once inhabited by fisherpeople, the archipelago is no longer populated, due to a number of factors such as migration to the metropoles following the advent of industrialisation, and the rise to dominance in the fishing industry of large commercial fleets, moored generally on mainland Audoria or Cadaeria.