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Alwato is a philosophical language which was created in 1871 by Stephen Pearl Andrews.

The full text of the book in which it was published is available at

Examples and word-derivation

Original word-pronunciation guidelines are preserved here.

Zobo, an animal carcass.
Zovo, the living animal body.

Zodoso, pertaining to or resembling an animal's head.
Zogoso, pertaining to the trunk of an animal's body.
Zoboso, pertaining to the animal carcass.
Zovoso, relating to the live animal body.
Zovoli, in the manner of a living animal body.

Ho, human.
Ho,io, (ho-ee-o), the Human Sphere or Realm.
Hobo, the Human Body.
Hoboma, the mass of the human body ; (ma, mass.)
Hobogo, the trunk of the human body ; the torso.
Hoboclo, the head of the human body.
Hobobo, the embodiment of the human body, as an organically constituted whole.

Masa, (mah-sah), mass, collection; (sa, collection.)
Homa, or homasa, Society, The human mass(es.)
Homabo, the body of human society.

Sama,io, (sah-mah-ee-o), a collection or assemblage of objects.

Hobosamaio, a collection of human bodies.
Hoboso, (adj.) relating to the human body.
Hoboni, (adv.), within the human body.

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