Varant river

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The Varant river ([və'ɹɑ:nt], Arithide [va'rant]) is a river in the Eastern Seaboard of Arophania, originating in the slopes of the southern Hallaryagi and flowing west to east, around the southern reach of the Alerryagi and emptying into the Auzirean Sea in an estuarine delta.


The Varant is a Synerian name (the language is usually considered one of the Arithide dialects), deriving from vare, a hydronym descending ultimately from the proto-Arophanic root *uora, meaning "river", and ante, the Classical Arithide word for "water". It is often simply called the Vare. Other rivers whose names share the same root include the Or, Yos, Jedi and Ous.