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Hi, I'm Soap and I have a 7½ year gap between my first and second edits  : )

UPDATE: I now (as of Oct 3, 2015) have crossed over 1000 edits here. Again, thank you to everyone keeping this site up.
Okay WOW. As of Oct 25, I now have over 1800 edits here. Right now I'm, judging by the diff ID numbers, probably about 3% of the total edit count here and probably therefore also about 3% of the content (but not 3% of the pages, as I tend to make very large articles.)
Edit: I forgot that I am also apparently User:Poswob and User:Poswob Rare. I dont know why I created those accounts when I had never lost the password to my Soap account.

I work on conlangs that exist on the planet Teppala, and although I'm not very active I try to devote a small amount of time to conlanging each week. Right now I've got huge plans for a timeline stretching from 21000BC to 12850 AD, so 34000 years of sound changes, although only the middle is well developed.

Early on in my conlanging career I created a word for "embarrassmentlessness": du. That is one of my favorite words, since I seem to have a history of doing things that should be hideously embarrassing but just didn't faze me at the time. On the other hand, I get embarrassed over simple things that bother nobody else.

My conworld could be called Lapelpassa, which is Pabappa for "The Great Dream" (I came up with that name in 2008 but just rediscovered it in 2015). Normally, "the great dream" would be Passim passa, but that sounds too repetitive and Pabappa doesnt like near-reduplication. It could just be Passim. However, I dont really like those names, so I will just go by the name of its only inhabited planet, Teppala.

My conlangs are notable for various strong tendencies reuslting fromm y personal preferences:

  • An abundance of bilabial consonants, especially /p/. Sometimes mixed with abundance of other consonants, as in Khulls, sometimes left on their own to rule the entire phonology, as in the extreme examples of Poswa and Pabappa.
  • Plenty of words for soap.
  • Kinship terms are generally monosyllables, even in languages that have no other monosyllabic nouns.
  • Very strong noun inflection, based on fusion and infixation, and moderately strong verb inflection as well.
  • Extremely conservative grammars, retaining traits for over 10000 years with little change. For example, Poswa has retained six of the seven major noun cases of its ancestor from 8700 years ago, and added no new cases. However, some languages, such as Moonshine, have in fact rapidly changed their grammars and retain little resemblance to their ancestors.

Pages created:

I also have many others pages on KneeQuickie.