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Dayle Hill: Creator of Dal'qörian, Germish, E'hwelos
Hi all, my name is Dayle, I'm 37, an Englishman residing in the north east of England, and I am the creator of Dal'qörian Germish and E'hwelos. I speak conversational German, and English is my mother tongue. I'm a musician and songwriter, I have 2 amazing children. I have a massive passion for invented lingo's such as Elvish, especially the Tengwar which I learned.
My conlang, Dalcurian has been ongoing now for around 5 years and isn't likely to stop in the coming months..when can one cease to carry on inventing words!

DISCLAIMER: Dal'qörian/Dalcurian, E'hwelos and Germish, including their languages and history, are completely fictional. References made to 'actual historical events', cited in the history of the development of the Dal'qörian/Dalcurian language, the Germish community (with the exception of its location, which is real), and the planet of E'hwelos are used purely to create a 'realistic' vibe. Images of actual places from existing countries on Earth are used, alongside created images, but may also have been manipulated and edited.