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Person: Male human
Educational background:

Materials engineering, geophysics

Natural languages:
  • 1 Indo-European
  • 1 Austronesian
  • 1 Afro-Asiatic
Conlang: griushkoent
Community: CBB forum
Social media:

Reyzadren maintains the griushkoent conlang page. He builds his conlang to be used in its associated world. He is laid-back and hardy, with a preference to having fun while in action. His other interests are video games and inspiring himself.

Check out his neocities website.


  • When did you start conlanging?

I started discovering my conlang since 1999, though I wasn't aware that such activity had a name. Even then, I didn't really know of any conlanging community until 2017.

  • What other conlang do you like around here?

Lortho seems to be a conlang with features that is described well enough.