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Co-Creator of Tower Orthography with Rebecca Spatz. His username is Blackkdark. He is currently studying Linguistics, Anthropology, and English at Temple University in Philadelphia. He specialises in Historical/Comparative Linguistics.



Timothy specialises in historical and comparative linguistics, especially of Romance and Germanic languages. He has studied several major and minor languages of this family of languages. He has also studied ancient scripts such as Egyptian, Cuneiform, Ancient Chinese, Sanskrit, Anglo-Saxon Fuþorc Runic, Elder Fuþark Runic, Younger Fuþark Runic, Ancient Greek, Umbrian, Tuscan, and Phoenician.

Languages he has studied at one time or another include: High German, Low German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Icelandic, Old High German, Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, Modern English, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Latin, Ancient Greek, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Hungarian, Ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

He also has extensively learned the IPA.


He is majoring in Anthropology with a heavy weight on cultural and linguistic anthropology, although he has studied Archeology and Forensic Anthropology as well.

TAG Productions Ink

TAG productions ink is a small film group that Timothy was a co-founder of. TAG stands for Timothy Anthony Greg, the founders of it. They mostly make Youtube videos at this link TAG Productions Ink. Timothy directed and acted in most of them, as well as his friends Anthony and Greg. The first video produced was a dancing music video to a ska swing song called Jumping Jack. There is also a two part zombie film called ATAG of the Living dead, they can be found at Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. For a project for Chaucer class, Timothy with TAG Productions Ink and a classmate, produced 4 movies in Middle English, all of which were co-written, directed by, and translated by Timothy:
The Student's Tale Part 1
Weapons of Medieval Destruction Ad
The Student's Tale Part 2
The Student's Tale Part 3
A recent video produced by TAG is called Greg's Quest. It currently has subtitles in German, French, Italian, English, Middle English, Pirate English, Portuguese, Russian, and Polish,

Online Articles by Timothy

Why is English so Messed Up?
Where do Accents come from?
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Is Middle English a Creole? (Essay for a Linguistic Anthropology Class)
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The Danish Vowel Shift and The Appendix and Bibliography(click download on the left to view the articles).

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