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Tiijáta is a language spoken in the foothills of the mountain range Razoheariscah by the Faraneih, which is extremely similar to Tir'àata and Tiijaato, but also from the same linguistic family as Faraneit, Kelsiut, Rajat, and even Hana.


  Bilabial Apical Alveolar Laminal Alveolar Retroflex Palatal Labiovelar Velar Uvular Glottal
Stop p ʈ c kp) k q ʔ
Nasal m ɳ     ŋ    
Fricative ɸ ʂ ç x χ  
Approximant ʋ r   ɻ j w      
Lateral Flap     l   ɭ      


  • /a˥ o˥ i˥ e˥ u˥ a˧ aː˧ i˧ iː˧ e˧ eː˧ u˧ uː˧ a˩ i˩ e˩ u˩/
    • <á ó í é ú a aa i ii e ee u uu à ì è ù>
  • No diphthongs are permitted. A pause is placed between individual vowels, and in VVV+ clusters, epenthetic [ʔ] occurs


  • /t̺ t̻ ʈ p c kp) k q ʔ/
    • <t d t' p c kp k q '>
  • /ɸ s̺ s̻ ʂ ç xʷ x χ/
    • <f s z s' ch qh x xg>
  • /m n̺ n̻ ɳ ŋ/
    • <m nh n n' ng>
  • /ʋ r l ɻ ɭ j w/
    • <v r l r' l' j w>
  • Phonotactics:
  • (C)V


Morphology and Syntax