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Pronounced: /'ha.nɒ/
Timeline and Universe: theoretically this universe, future
Species: Humanoid
Spoken: northwestern Lheinead
Total speakers: ~5,000
Writing system: unknown
Genealogy: Proto-Rajo-Faraneit
Morphological type: unknown
Morphosyntactic alignment: unknown
Basic word order: unknown
Creator: Humancadaver101 aka Schwhatever aka Buckfush530
Created: August 2007

Hana is a language in the Rajo-Faraneit family, which has the most similarities to Faraneit, but has a number of phonological distinctions from its sister languages, largely from areal influences of the Mbathu language family.

Prior to the forced migration of various Heajazareifh groups into the Kupeameiceah, the various patches of oasis were inhabited by Hana speakers. Several small communities of them still exist along the northern edges of the Kupeameiceah.


  Bilabial Alveolar Retroflex Velar Glottalized
Stops p  b t  d ʈ  ɖ k k'
Aspirated Stops      
Prenasalized Stops mb) nd)   ŋg) ŋɠ)
Fricative ɸ  β s  z ʂ  ʐ x h
Nasal m n ɳ ŋ ŋ'
Liquid   l  r  ɬ      

Vowels: /a e i o u y/


  • /a e i o u y p b t d ʈ ɖ k k' pʰ tʰ mb) nd) ŋg) ɴɠ) ɸ β s z ʂ ʐ x h m n ɳ ŋ ŋ'/
  • a e i o u y p b t d t' d' k q ph th mb nd ng nq f v s z s' z' x h m n n' nn nn'


Derivation from Proto-Rajo-Faraneit

Phonological and Morphological Changes from Proto-Rajo-Faraneit to Hana


Hana Lexicon