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Talossan is a Romance conlang begun in 1980 by R. Ben Madison for his micronation, the Kingdom of Talossa. Talossan was originally a mish-mash of English, French, and whatever other languages Madison was interested in at the time. Over the years, Talossan came to be based mainly on Occitan and Rhaeto-Romance languages, with substantial borrowings from English, other Romance languages, Berber languages, Native American languages, and Celtic languages.

Several other individuals have participated in the development of the language, and most new words are derived from Sardinian, Sicilian, or Rhaeto-Romance. Today, Talossan has a fully-developed grammar, a vocabulary of over 35,000 words, and a small body of literature spanning more than two decades. The Kingdom of Talossa's Talossan language page features a searchable dictionary and English>Talossan word translator, a pronunciation guide, lists of common affixes, and samples of Talossan literature.