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A micronation is a nation without any land claims recognized by the U.N., with voluntary citizenship. Examples of micronations include Talossa, Sealand, Abalonia, and the Conch Republic.

Micronations, despite not being recognized as "real" countries by Earth's governments, still make meatspace flags and issue things like coins, currency, stamps, ID cards, and passports.

Many micronations have micronational languages, a subcategory of artistic languages. The most famous micronational language is R. Ben Madison's Talossan, a Romance (albeit without derivation) conlang with a lexicon of some 35,000 words. The speakers of micronational languages actually learn and speak these languages when they meet up or partake in micronation-related activities. The speakers make these languages real. As a result, micronational languages typically have more speakers than personal languages, altlangs, or Internet-based fictional languages like Teonaht or Arka.