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Pronounced: /sɛ'ʃaʀa/
Timeline and Universe: theoretically this universe, future
Species: Humanoid
Spoken: south-central Lhined
Total speakers: ~3 million
Writing system: Romanized Equivalent
Morphological type: isolating (occasionally fusional)
Morphosyntactic alignment: Nominative-Accusative
Basic word order: SVO
Creator: Humancadaver101 aka Schwhatever aka Buckfush530
Created: August 2006

Sezara is a language spoken in central Lheinead, by the descendents of the Kang-Eur (aka Kang-Ur) civilization. It shows heavy influence from Quechua and Swahili, despite the fact that its population is generally descendended from Spanish and Cantonese speakers. It is believed that Swahili-speakers from the northeast and possibly also Quechua-speakers from the northwest invaded and to varying degrees installed their language(s) as the official language of the later Kang-Eur people.

More recently, Korce speakers have influenced it, after their dispersal throughout central Lheinead.


  • /t k q p pʰ tʰ kʰ ʔ t' k' θ s ʃ x h r ʀ l ʟ m ɱ n ŋ/
    • <t k q p ph th kh ' t' k' f s z x h rr r l ll m mn n ng>
  • /ɑ e i u/
    • <a e i u>
  • /ɑ~ i~ u~/
    • <aa ii uu>
  • Phonological Constraints:
    • (C)V
    • /ʔ/ cannot begin a word


  • /t k q p pʰ tʰ kʰ θ s ʃ x/ > [d g ɢ b bʰ dʰ gʰ ð z ʒ ɣ] medially
  • /ti/ > [ʧi] or [ʤi]
  • /xi/ > [çi] or [ʝi]
  • /ni/ > [ɳi]
  • /θu/ > [fu] or [vu]
  • /ɱi ɱu/ > [mi mu]


Sezara pronouns


Sezara is highly isolating and SVO. There are eight main adverbial particles used to denote temporal aspects of the unconjugated verbs:

zi zara ni
I speak (perfect)
I spoke.
zi zara rra
I speak (imperfect)
I am speaking.
zi zara thu
I speak (past)
I was speaking. -OR- I spoke.
zi zara xi
I speak (present)
I am speaking. -OR- I speak.
zi zara me
I speak (future)
I will speak.
zi zara nga 
I speak (relative future)
Then I spoke/will speak/am speaking/speak

This is often omitted when it is felt that it is sufficiently understood that the events are proceeding in a temporal manner.

zi zara fi
I speak (relative past)
Earlier I spoke/will speak/am speaking/speak
zi zara tuu
I speak (repeatedly)
-No proper translation; more information necessary for a proper English translation-

Stress and Pitch

Sezara has an unusual stress system. Stressed syllables have low tone, while pre-stress has high tone. The first two syllables after the stressed syllable also have low tone. All other syllables have high tone. Thus:



Sezara Lexicon