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Pronounced: /'koɹ.ʧe/
Timeline and Universe: theoretically this universe, future
Species: Humanoid
Spoken: south-central Lheinead
Total speakers: ~ half of one million
Writing system: Romanized Equivalent
Genealogy: unknown
Morphological type: agglutinative
Morphosyntactic alignment: Nominative-Accusative
Basic word order: SOV
Creator: Humancadaver101 aka Schwhatever aka Buckfush530
Created: August 2007

Korce is a language spoken in a few isolated areas of the great plains of Lheinead. Korce speakers generally constitute minorities or enclave majorities inside of predominantely Kang-Eur settlements, which speak a seperate language Sezara. The Korce speakers are believed to have spread from the northeast onto the plains and to have occupied small sections of the pre-existing cultures.


  Bilabial Dental Alveolar Post-Alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular
Stop p  b t̪  d̪ t  d ʧ  ʤ ʈ  ɖ c  ɟ k  g q  ɢ
Nasal m   n     ɲ ŋ ɴ
Fricative   s  z    
Approximant ʋ   ɹ   ɻ j w  
Lateral Flap     l     ʎ ʟ  
  • Vowels - /a e i o u/
    • Diphthongs - /ai au/
  • Phonotactics - (C)V(X)(Y), where X is any non-plosive and Y is any plosive


  • /s z/ assimilate in terms of voicing and point of articulation when followed by a plosive
  • /c ɟ/ and /k g/ merge to [c ɟ] prior to /i e/
  • /c ɟ/ and /k g/ merge to [k g] prior to /u/
  • /ʧ ʤ/ and /t d/ merge to [t d] prior to /o u/
  • /ŋ ɴ/ merge to /ŋ/ medially
  • /ʎ ʟ/ merge to [ʟ] and /ɲ ŋ/ merge to [ŋ] initially
  • /ɹ/ is [r] medially
  • unstressed /a e i o u/ are realized as [ɒ ɛ ɪ ɔ ʊ]
  • stressed plosives are aspirated


  • /a e i o u ai au/
    • <a e i o u ai au>
  • /ʈ ɖ t̪ d̪ p b t d ʧ ʤ c ɟ k g q ɢ/
    • <t' d' th dh p b t d c j ky gy k g q gg>
  • /m n ɲ ŋ ɴ/
    • <m n ñ ŋ nn>
  • /l ʎ ʟ/
    • <l ll ł>
  • /ʋ ɹ ɻ j w/
    • <v r r' y w>
  • /z s/
    • <z s> unless followed by a plosive, in which case both are <h>



Korce Lexicon