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Proto-Razaric is the reconstructed common ancestor of the Razaric languages. It is estimated to have been spoken around 4000 BC.



  Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Pharyngeal
Sibilant Flat Lateral
Nasals *m *n   *ng  
Voiceless stops *p *t   *k  
Voiced stops *b *d   *g  
Voiceless affricates   *ts *tr *tl      
Voiced affricates   *dz *dr *dl      
Voiceles continuants   *s *rh *lh      
Voiced continuants *w *z *r *l *j   *3


  Front Central Back
High *i   *u
Mid *e   *o
Low   *a  

Syllable structure

The maximal syllable structure is CVC. Affricates may not occur in codas, but all consonants may occur in onsets.


The accent falls on the first syllable of the word.

Sound correspondences

The basic sound correspondences between Proto-Midrean and Proto-Razaric are like this:

  • "Emphatic" stops have merged with their voiceless counterparts. (Or did the latter become aspirated?)
  • The front sibilants are preserved; mid sibilants become laterals; back sibilants become rhotics.
  • PT *h becomes PR *3.
  • The nasals, liquids and semivowels are unchanged, but post-consonantal *w disappears with changing the following vowels *a and *e into *o and *i into *u.

The details are more complex but remain to be worked out.


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