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Pronounced: own name unknown, extinct
Timeline and Universe: theoretically this universe, future
Species: Humanoid
Spoken: Measceineafh
Total speakers: extinct
Writing system: Romanization
Genealogy: None, proto-language
Morphological type: Isolating
Morphosyntactic alignment: Nominative-Accusative
Basic word order: VSO and SVO
Creator: Humancadaver101 aka Schwhatever aka Buckfush530
Created: July 2007

Proto-Rajo-Faraneit (PRF) is the language from which all other Rajo-Faraneih Languages derive. This includes Faraneit, Rajat, Fórong, Kelsiut, Hana and several others. This language is quite nebulous and ill-defined in places due to a highly incomplete historical and linguistic record.


  Bilabial Labio-Dental Non-Siblant Alveolar Siblant Alveolar Retroflex Velar Uvular
Stop p  b   t  d     k q
Affricate   pf  bv ts      
Nasal m   n        
Fricative   f  v θ s   x  
Approximants and Trills     r   ɻ    
Lateral Flap     l   ɭ    


  • NOTE: The quality of the open back unrounded vowel is highly disputed. Reliance on the Northern and Eastern Branches of Proto-Rajo-Faraneit suggests it had a quality more central than this image portrays. Alternatively, the evolution of this phoneme within the Western and Southern Branches suggests the opposite, a phoneme as securely central as the rest. Outside of a few dissenters, the majority of linguists accept the theory that it held a gradient value, being more central within the populations that later developed the two major branches, and being less so in the populations that later developed the other two branches. Thus, this image attempts to present a balanced, dialect-neutral version.
  • /xi/ = [çi]
  • /si/ = [ʃi]
  • VX(V) = VY(V), where X is any unvoiced phoneme without a voiced counterpart and Y is the corresponding voiced phone
    • With the exception of /k q/ which never become [g ɢ] under any circumstance.
  • /'e 'o 'æ/ = [e: o: æ:]
  • unstressed /i u ɛ ɑ/ = [ɪ ʊ ə ɒ]
  • V/i/V, V/u/V = V[j]V, V[w]V
  • /#'i/, /#'u/ = [ji], [wu]
  • stressed /p b t d k q/ are aspirated



There are five tenses in PRF, narrative past, past, simple present, progressive, and future. All of these except the simple present rely on auxilaries to perform conjugation. These participles conjugate for the person of the subject, but not the number.

  Narrative Past Simple Past Progressive Present Future
First Person uz'iθ ɑuz'iɑi ez'iɑi iz'iɑi
Second Person uz'ɛθ ɑuz'ɛ ez'ɛ iz'iɑ
Third Person uz'io ɑuz'io ez'io iz'io

Root List

Proto-Rajo-Faraneit Root List