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Proto-Island-Peninsula is the reconstructed ancestor language to the Island-Peninsular Languages. It likely originated near the Kartaš bay area, as the oldest known man-made structures can be found there. These are mostly small huts and likely would have been used to store boats. The existence of the language and language family was theorized by Šiā philosophers who noticed the linguistic similarities between Kalersan and Cavat.

Spoken in: Sandula
Conworld: Sandula
Basic word order: SOV
Morphological type: Agglutinative
Morphosyntactic alignment: Accusative
Created by:
Gabriel Wysong 2019

Phonology and Orthography

The reconstructed phonology of P.I.P features some oddities. The general model splits alveolars into Laminal/Apical for the stops and fricatives. It also features some kind of bilabial short consonant, either a trill or a tap. It had at least two rhotic consonants.