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Sandula is a "collaborative" worldbuilding and conlanging project created by Gabriel Wysong in November 2019. It is set on the fictional planet Sandula and ranges from the neolithic to the modern-day.

The Solar System

Sandula orbits a star identical to our own. There are 10 planets in the solar system, 4 rocky planets, 1 habitable planet, and 5 gaseous planets.

The Planet

Sandula is a planet slightly larger than half of Earth's radius, and more than half as massive. It has identical surface gravity to Earth. Orbiting is one major moon, itself slightly larger than our own. Orbiting the major moon is one asteroidal minor moon.

The Continent

Sandula's surface is dominated, like Earth, by water. There are, depending on how you look at it, either one supercontinent that is breaking apart or two very large continents. The larger of the two is named either Sandula or Cārdam. The smaller, northern one is uninhabited, and no one ever goes there, so it doesn't have a name.

Map of Sandula