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New Royce (Ibran: Нөјв Ро̄с, Noif Roes, here: New York) is the fourth largest city in North America, after Mexico City, Toronto, and Los Angeles. It is the capital and largest city of New Ibria.


The history of New Royce begins in 1626 with the colonization of the area by Dutch and Ibrian settlers, the city originally being called Nieuw Amsterdam. In 1664 the city was captured by the English and named New York. During the Third Anglo-Dutch War, in 1673, the city was retaken, but was returned to England as part of the Treaty of Westminster. The Ibrians refused to accept English government and created the country of New Ibria.

[intervening periods...]

In 2000, the government instituted a spelling reform. By pressure from neighboring nations it is in a modified Cyrillic script. Reactions against it were heavy; New Royce's major newspaper, the Tieups, refused to adopt the new orthography altogether, calling it un scandal e abominazón. Currently, most signs on the streets are biscriptal and both systems are taught in the schools.


  • Брүклан, Bréuklen /bryˈklɐ̃/
  • Влизінкс, Vléssinx /vleˈzĩks/ (here: Queens)
  • де Бронк, de Bronk /dɛˈbrɔ̃k/
  • Іл-де-ʼТя̄тс, Isle-de-Staits /ˌildɛtˈtaːts/
  • Манатан, Manhattan /ˌmɑnɑˈtɐ̃/