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Ibran (Ivrană / Івріанъ)
Pronounced: Ibran — /ˈɪbɻən/
Timeline and Universe: Piataia
Species: Humans
Spoken: New Ibria; France
modern era
Total speakers: [No data]
Writing system: Cyrillic (Roesan)
Latin (Paysan)
Genealogy: Indo-European

   Western Romance
    Langues d'oc

Morphological type: Fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: Accusative
Basic word order: SVO
Creator: Muke Tever |
Created: 2002–2003

Ibran (Paysan: Ivrană, Roesan: Івріанъ) is a Romance language.


Ibran is a western Romance language. It was originally conceived as a sort of truncated Spanish, but further revisions pushed it further towards French, so now it is somewhere in between.


Originally spoken in southeast France, Ibran migrated to the New World where it is now more widely spoken than in its homeland.


Ibran has two main dialects: Roesan, the dialect of New Royce (Noif Roes) and paysan, the European dialect. The language in New Ibria is not monolithic, though Roesan is the basis of “standard” language.


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Sometime recently a Cyrillic orthography (cirilizal) was officially instituted in New Royce, though the old Latin orthography (latinizal) is still found in common use (and is the only script used in Europe).

The mapping of Cyrillic American Ibran to Latin European Ibran is not 1:1; the phonemic inventories are different and spellings differ.


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