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Conlang Learners project

The conlang_learners project started in June 2009 to collect a group of people interested in learning a new conlang, discuss and decide on a conlang to learn, and learn it together. We used a mailing list to organize the discussion. From 1 to 8 September, we voted; on 9 September the results of the vote were announced, a tie between Kēlen and gjâ-zym-byn.

We will probably discuss and decide on another conlang to learn at some point in the future; intervals of six months to a year have been mentioned for recurrently selecting and learning something. The conlang_learners mailing list will remain available for that purpose.

Learners of the chosen conlangs will use separate mailing lists for each language; the gjâ-zym-byn Google Group and a new list at for Kēlen. Some other project-related material will be added to FrathWiki in sub-pages of Kēlen and gjâ-zym-byn over time, e.g. texts in those conlangs by people other than their creators, new lessons/grammars in languages other than English, etc.

Conlang Learners 2.0

Some members of #conlang are planning a similar project for another language. Organization in #conlang-learn and the PiratePad in that channel's topic.