Lake Everodes

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Lake Everodes [ɛ'vɛrədi:z] (Arithide Ebrudus Tor ['ebrɯdʉs 'tœ:]; Dethric Everodes Assis [e'vɛrəde:s 'asis]) is one of the famous Barrier Lakes in the Alerryagi that divides the Arophanian continent east-west.

It is the most popular of the lakes due to a combination of its (relative) accessibility and the proximity of tourist amenities, and is consequently the most in danger of pollution and environmental damage. It is also an important freshwater wetlands area; its eastern shore is relatively shallow for much of its length, and extensive beds of reeds and other semi-aquatic plants have taken up residence there, making the area an attractive breeding ground both for birds and fish; the small yellow fish known as Russau is a local delicacy. The reed beds, as well as the formerly extensive long grass and shrublands along the lake, have been under ever increasing pressure from development efforts.

In 1997 CIE the environmentalist non-governmental organisation Semanos successfully campaigned for the imposition of restrictions on ecotourism, leisure fishing, camping and other activities in a roughly 5km² nature reserve surrounding the lake.

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