Kasshi Paganism

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Kasshi Paganism refers to the original, polytheistic, religion of the Kasshi. Kasshi Paganism originated in their homeland, the island of Kassa.


The origins of Kasshi paganism are lost in the ancient past. The religion has no single founder, but evolved gradually, without any centralized structure, although several cities on Kassa were centers of major schools of thought, such as Lambets and Gitanila. There were general commonalities between different regions, but no centralized doctrine. After the founding of Nrastaism, many pagans on the mainland converted to the new faith. On Kassa, there was also some initial headway made by missionaries, but this spurred a centralizing movement to revitalize and strengthen the traditional beliefs. Among the products of this movement was, for the first time, a largely unified theology, and a formal authorized collection of myths and teachings.