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The Kasshi are a civilization in West Odirá which originated on the island of Has, whose original name, Kassa, was the source of the name Kasshi. After the rise of the First Kasshi Empire, the Kasshi were divided into two groups, the Old Kasshi who remained on Has, and the New Kasshi, on the mainland. The New Kasshi arose from the mixing of the Old Kasshi with continental groups. Relations between the Old Kasshi and the New Kasshi have historically risen and fallen. In the late First Empire, a racial hierarchy developed between the two, with the Old Kasshi being placed above the New Kasshi. At that time, membership in the two groups was based on different criteria (though the distinction was not absolute, and some people did fall into a gray zone, attempts were made to systemize the distinction). The Old Kasshi were seen as "pure" Kasshi, and any non-Kasshi ancestry was usually enough to exclude one from that class, whereas the New Kasshi, on the other hand, were considered to be those with any Kasshi ancestry (though some did require a blood quantum.) This racial division lead to the breakup of the First Empire. At times, the Old Kasshi have even refused to recognize the New Kasshi as being Kasshi, referring to them instead as Half-Kasshi or halfbloods, while, conversely, the New Kasshi have often considered themselves to be the true Kasshi, referring to the Old Kasshi as "Kassans". In modern times, the distinction has significantly weakened, and many people don't even know which category they'd be placed into. Indeed, there are very few "pure" Old Kasshi left.

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