History of Classical Arithide

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Classical Arithide is the ancient language of the Areth, spoken natively by the original inhabitants of the kingdom of Lazeia, which went on to unite the Areth under the Lazeian Empire. Due to its extensive political influence through trade, and hence also its cultural diffusiveness, Classical Arithide gained widespread currency throughout much of the western world in antiquity, serving as the choice tongue for education, trade, diplomacy and the arts. While the decline and eventual demise of the empire and the coinciding rise of rival powers such as the Andu Empire and Dethria led consequently to a considerable period of decreased use of the classical tongue, more than a millenium of tradition had anchored its place, and in the renaissance of the Areth Classical Arithide made a comeback to rival then-dominant Dethric for its former place as the West's lingua franca.

Ancient Artihide

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The Classical Arithide of Bnatios Loi


The Classical Arithide of Daldaian the Younger

Semantic broadening

Literary inventions

Influence on foreign languages


Lazeic languages

Mediaeval obscurity

Arithide Renaissance

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