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Dethria is a sovereign state located largely on the mainlands of the continents of Eresphria and Canthres. It is considered part of the "rich world" of Ilethes, and is an international political heavyweight, leading the world in such varied fields such as civil liberties and environmental protection. While its population of 188 million is rather densely packed into 901,015 sq km, Dethria has the highest standard of living in the world[1]. It also has one of the highest proportions of urban population, with nearly 85% of its population living in urban areas[2].

Dethria is bordered on the north, on Eresphria, by Phodaia, Caithria and the city-state of Vichau; on its south on Canthres, it borders Savonia and Lamecia. Holdover territories from the colonial period include the Mimotelles, Thricum, and the semi-autonomous special administrative districts of Euripia, Solacia and Genidia.


  1. ^  According to the Progress Index as developed by the Abelt Institute, Dethria achieved a score of 94.6 out of a maximum possible of 100.
  2. ^  Again, according to the definitions provided by the Abelt Institute.
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