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Griuskant view.png


Classification: Conworld language
Morphology: Agglutinative
Word order: SVO
Alignment: Trigger
Directionality: Head-final
Conscript: Alphabet (phonemic)
User: Reyzadren
Revision: 2016 update

Griuskant is a conlang for a fictional world. It has agglutinative morphology, SVO word order, trigger alignment, head-final phrases and an alphabetic conscript. Other features include affixations, prepositions, regular stress, no definiteness, no tenses and no agreement conjugations.

See the griuskant conscript: Click here



Labial Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive p, b t, d k, g
Fricative f, v θ s, zˤ ʃ, ʒ ɣ h
Affricate tʃ, dʒ
Approximant w l r j


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
High i u
Near-high Y
High-mid ɯ
Mid e ə
Low-mid ɔ
Low a

There are 10 diphthongs that natively appear in griuskant, though triphthongs can also be formed with gliding diphthongs.
/ai au ia iɔ iu ɔi ɔu ua ui ei/


(C)(C)(C)V(V)(V)(C)(C)(C) for each syllable, as a theoretical maximum. CCVVCC is the usual configuration.
Stress is always on the first syllable of each word.


The griuskant script has 32 alphabet symbols: with 24 consonants and 8 vowels.
Transcription p t k s b d g z
Sound p t k s b d g
Transcription m n ng sh w y x zh
Sound m n ŋ ʃ w j ɣ ʒ
Transcription r c f h l j v th
Sound r f h l v θ
Transcription a i o u e ae y oe
Sound a i ɔ u ə e Y ɯ

Griuskant uses its own alphabetic conscript that has a regular phonemic orthography, which means that 1 grapheme corresponds to exactly 1 phoneme. It is written from left to right, downwards. The table above shows the romanised transcriptions.


The parts of speech of griuskant include nouns, verbs, adjectives and particles.
The affixations encourage interconversions of word classes with suffixes, while morphological derivations are done with prefixes.


Nouns appearing as core words are able to add these suffixes.

Noun Suffixes
Source e
Passive en
Process or
Abstraction on
Possessive ae


Verbs appearing as core words are able to have these suffixes.
Note: The table below describes words starting from a noun core.

Action Suffix
Verb class a
Passive voice n
Circumstantial voice d
Phasal TAM t
Imperative mood r


Adjectives appearing as core words have the +i suffix.
Adverbs are considered as adjectives in griuskant.


Anything that is not a noun, verb or adjective is a particle in griuskant.
This class includes prepositions and conjunctions, as well as bound and unbound particles.


SVOI structure is regularly used. In the passive voice, OV(S)(I) structure is used. With the circumstantial voice, the IV structure is utilised.


Here is a griuskant passage, with the romanised transcription and its translation.


Griuskant example.png

  • lioun'ardou da vinci [1452 ; 1519] az ilz ijflagi iuz is tarc. vaezh venten un skauten un skuipthustzhaeisten [iki roicxaethen], zhas lioun'ardo az hangonspaezhe. raes yidan vuzh iteliae vinci, zhas lioun'ardou zira ki florens ik daekfuiroek. zhaeg, raesk zaera kerneka ik elgeae roese. zher, raes zira ki milan un daega kaeirgoere un espen hin kaeir. tej daig raesae kernek zhaezi smoeza, zher lioun'ardou daega hauli er. vaezh sulouv un slung, raes ara zoiroeki oezzuik hin uv elge un skuipe vozh zhae zaeil. yoin raezete aenshaula lioun'ardou ik isti raenezons er. enunsiaeishen az lioun'ardouae ist aji skauten zhed oth zidan.

  • Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was incredibly gifted in many ways. From sketches to paintings to scientific inventions (like the parachute), Leonardo was a man ahead of his time. Born in Vinci, Italy, Leonardo moved to Florence as a teenager. There, he began to blossom as an artist's apprentice. He then moved to Milan and became a city planner and architect for the town. Word of his talents soon spread, making Leonardo a famous man. Driven by passion and truth, he set the standards for all artists and scientists of his day. Most historians refer to Leonardo as the ultimate Renaissance Man. //The ANNUNCIATION is Leonardo's earliest surviving painting.


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