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This article is written in the perspective of its own world.

Aseritonum flagword.png
Classification: Country
Area: ~40 oelzialgaen
Population: More than 1015
Language: griushkoent

Aseritonum is one of the many countries in its associated world that uses griushkoent as its official language. Like many places in the world, both magic and technology are utilised widely. It is known for being the origin of the discovery of skaedrous. Although it is geographically located far away from other notable lands, it is actually a very connected place on the waypoint plane, receiving numerous international travellers regularly. Its capital is eraethysoer.

Written media in aseritonum: View here


Sceneries in ashenford.
Buildings in eridius.
A city in itthalgar.
A walk path in onumyz.

There are 4 hyper-regions in aseritonum: ashenford, eridius, itthalgar and onumyz. Their borders are determined by skaedrous values instead of extra dimensional coordinates on a map. All hyper-regions feature varied landscapes, though some appear to be more common in certain regions. It mostly has 4 seasons, except areas with different climates.


Ashenford /'ashənfɔrd/, with its lush countrysides and classic architecture, prefers the natural and simple ways. Ancient castles refurnished as multipurpose halls and unchanged traditional ceremonies through generations of wizardry are a testament to this region preserving its rich heritage. Those who live in ashenford uphold honour, legacy and authority. Curiously, ashenford kept a number of cross-universe books as a large archive of their literature resource.


Eridius /'əridius/ is the most advanced hyper-region in aseritonum. Complex technology is relied on often for routine tasks, backed by generators harnessing quantum supernatural etherodynamic interactions and particles. Fully self-sustainable skyscrapers and automated vehicles on public lines are common sights here. The successful residents of eridius are at the pioneering forefront of progress, innovation and equality.


It is rumoured that there are many more shopping centres and hotels in itthalgar /'itθalgar/ than anywhere else in the country. Gift boxes, personal accessories and vintage collections form part of the presence here. Distinct stylized advertisements on room-sized posters surround the united crowds who display much diversity, teamwork and peacefulness. Itthalgar has one of the few access points in the world to narou, a country lacking in magic.


Onumyz /'ɔnumYz/ is the least densely populated hyper-region in aseritonum. There usually isn't a single description for the various locations in this hyper-region, ranging from cities powered by crystal energies to levitating geometrical structures in the sky. In some sites, songs can be heard whispering through the air of hinterlands while pictures can be drawn from the colours of sprouting paintbrushes that grow from the ground. The dreamlike otherworldly vibes in onumyz seem to embrace freedom, creativity and individuality.



Vaktoejuiz standing at ijaspkoenykderjen.

Vaktoejuiz /'vaktɯdʒuiz/ is the current king of aseritonum, according to the great timekeeper. His element is taund /'taund/ (equivalent to water), he is a humanoid creature and he is known for using region magic. He is bilingual in griushkoent and ujiog which is an unusual language that has grammatical pense (place-ense instead of time-ense tense).

He originates from a port town in ashenford, where he often spends his time playing foerr ball at sea. Nowadays, he likes to visit stadium bars or river sporting whenever he is not on duty. He had no formal schooling, and learnt most of his skills from non-standard sources. In his younger years, he worked with a lighting maintenance crew in an intermanifoldal ship as his day job. He is known as the friendly local village hero back in his previous hometown. Despite that, true to native culture, he never visits there since becoming king, usually being in eraethysoer or itthalgar instead.

Unlike the few previous kings in aseritonum, vaktoejuiz was not a chosen candidate from the royal castle. Instead, he participated in the open nomination and impressively worked his way towards the final stages, to the unexpectation of panelists. He ascended to the throne in Z2975 AY after defeating the prime runner-up in a series of competitions and also being personally selected by aseritonum itself.

He was initially one of the more disliked kings in aseritonum. For one, he had a very carefree attitude yet having a quick-feet, which although made him very endearing, also meant that the scrutinizing castle assistants would see him as not caring about his duties. More importantly, it had been pointed out that one of the previous kings who also specialised in region magic was driven insane by the locationshift magicfields, sometimes emitted by aseritonum, and this susceptibility proved very worrisome.

One of his most famous accomplished quests is the uncovering of the krezain blytsoevjaeirs (darken crystal line). Vaktoejuiz journeyed to the udaeirsh obelisk where it is said the ascension drive awaits. At half oelzjithaen from udaeirsh, there lies thuasdriazh (the false shrine). Vaktoejuiz stood at the ijaspkoenykderjen and reclaimed the piece.

Vaktoejuiz magicpawningly sacrificing his ijvarses.

An ijvarses is a magical representation with regards to the facets of one's being's essence. It is often related to something that one holds dear. Ijvarses are also a personalised source of power for an individual, sometimes not existing on the same vibro-metalocational plane. A typical person usually has only 4 ijvarses. Vaktoejuiz is shown to be able to manifest up to 8 ijvarses, similar to the most powerful kings of aseritonum. In fact, only one other person from here was able to have 9~10 ijvarses, while even leaders owning 7 ijvarses are rather rare.

At one point in his reign, vaktoejuiz had to give up one of his ijvarses to save aseritonum during the destructive ovijdethniskes (battle of coalescence). It was a pickaxe that belonged to his greatfather during the aeirestoelzyuhioror (golden acceleration). It was this moment that warmed the hearts of the at-first-unsupportive citizens, who then acknowledged him as the worthy leader who cared deeply for his country, as there had never been a leader of aseritonum who broke their own ijvarses, at least, not one that was known to the public. Still, there were a few people who doubted his ability to resist being driven mad by the probable consequences of region magic.

Since then, vaktoejuiz knowingly felt different, as if something and a part of him was lost. A few years after that moment, he suffered from the feeling of ijzatroef (advanced lost), which is a mental and spiritual condition far more debilitating than ultraspectral sadness which causes the frenetic mind to solemnly aimlessly wander across multiple planes of existence and none. He even exiled himself into the heart of aseritonum far often. It was during this time, however, that he was also the calmest. He communed with the avatar spirit of aseritonum daily, and often comments that aseritonum is "the best friend that I could ever have".