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Eteonoric is a language family spoken in the Austrian Alps (with some outliers in other areas in central Europe) in the League of Lost Languages. Together with Alpianic, the family is part of the Second Caucasus Project. The Eteonoric languages descend from Proto-Eteonoric, which is assumed to have been spoken somewhere between Vienna and Salzburg about 3000 years ago. Soon after that, Indo-European speakers entered the area and pushed Eteonoric into the deep valleys of the Austrian Alps, where some of the Eteonoric languages have survived until today. No other language family is known to be related to it. All surviving Eteonoric languages are spoken only by very few speakers, all of whom are bilingual in German (standard or the local dialect), and have no official status in Austria. Thus, the future of Eteonoric remains uncertain.

Eteonoric is a group effort; we are currently working out Proto-Eteonoric, the common ancestor of the individual Eteonoric languages. When done that, individuals and groups of members of the list will work out the daughter languages.

Eteonoric languages

Language Location Author
Proto-Eteonoric Austria the group
Knoshke Carpathians Benct Philip Jonsson
"P-Noric"  ? Paul Bennett