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The Eigə-Isthmus languages are a family of conlangs spoken in the collaborative conworld Akana, designed by members of the Zompist Bulletin Board. The existence of this family was first proposed in the culture notes for Ndak Ta, near the inception of the conworld; but the family was left largely undeveloped, and the connection between the Eigə Valley and Isthmus branches was forgotten until recently. Comparative and reconstructive work is ongoing.

Known members of the family include:

  • Eigə Valley languages
  • Isthmus languages
    • Western Isthmus languages
      • Ferogh (Haran-Ferój) languages
      • Boesin
    • Eastern Isthmus languages
      • Doroh
      • Kietek
      • Ka'alikora

Ngauro was the first written language in this part of the world (at least); it's attested from the late fourth millenium to the mid second millenium BP, with inscriptions found mainly in Kasca. The closely related Miwan languages are spoken throughout the Eigə Valley, especially in the south and the northwest; the best-known are those spoken on the southern fringes of Kasca (Eastern Miwan) and in the Etewg Peidæm (Forest Miwan) during the first millenium YP.

The Isthmus languages are a diverse group, spoken mainly north and east of Huyfárah. The best known of these are the Western Isthmus languages Faraghin (spoken in Huyfárah proper in the second millenium BP) and its close relative Feråjin; also important is the Eastern Isthmus language Doroh, spoken in the first millenium YP in the region east of Huyfárah.

  • More detailed information on Eigə-Isthmus languages can be found at the AkanaWiki.