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The Edastean language family (from Fáralo Edástə, "Ndak Ta") is a family of conlangs in the world of Akana. It encompasses Ndak Ta and the large number of tongues descended from it. These are the principal languages of the cultural sphere centered on the Aiwa Valley. Edastean is itself a branch of the larger Macro-Edastean Family. Currently known direct descendants of Ndak Ta are:

  • Adāta, native to the Rathedān highlands, with its numerous descendants, the Dāiadak Languages, spread in every direction by the conquests of the Empire of Athalē
  • Ndok Aisô, native to the original Ndak homeland of Lasomo
  • Buruya Nzaysa, the language of the trading town of Buruya on the middle Aiwa river
  • Naidda, the language of Kasca (the areas in and around the delta of the Aiwa) which was the center of Ndak civilization
  • Fáralo, spoken in the areas to the north of Kasca, and the language of the Empire of Huyfárah
  • Komeyech, spoken in the Dagæm Islands
  • Qedik, spoken on the coast north of the Northern Mountains

Fáralo and Adāta, the languages of the two great Edastean empires of the Classical Era, are believed to be the most influential in the long term.

The family was created by members of the ZBB in the course of two different conlang relay games.

The first one, a reconstruction relay, was begun in 2005. Two teams each derived five daughter language sketches from one protolanguage, which was then to be reconstructed by the other group. Starting from Radius Solis' Ndak Ta, Team Two of this game created Adāta, Fáralo, Naidda, Ndok Aisô, and Qedik.

The second relay, which started in the summer of 2006, took Dewrad's Adāta language as a starting point and set out to create several long branches of the language family, the longest of which is currently in the 8th generation. As of October 2007, this relay is still ongoing, and currently being supplemented with a [tzirtzi.ipage.com/akana collaborative conworlding effort].

The Tsinakan text is the Babel Text of Edastean studies. Translations will be posted at the linked page when available.

Tree of the Edastean language family

Note: This tree is somewhat out of date. The latest version is available at the AkanaWiki.

  • Ndak Ta [1] (Radius Solis)
    • Western Edastean languages:
      • Dāiadak languages: Adāta [2] (Dewrad)
        • Æðadĕ (ebilein)
          • Yād [3] (gsandi)
            • Zhaj [4] (con quesa)
              • Aríe [5] (TzirTzi)
                • Arie [6] (Nuntar)
                  • ʔAghïyï [7] (kodé)
            • Yēt [8] (TzirTzi)
        • Aθáta (RHaden)
        • Ayāsthi [12] (Zhen Lin) {the original version, which A'gɑf and its descendents were derived from, is here}
          • A'gɑf [13] (Legion)
            • Yïåf [14] (jmcd)
              • Ghaf [15] (Corumayas)
                • Xa' (Ink Pudding) {probably lost}
        • Mavakhalan [16] (Zhen Lin)
          • Ājat he-Heloun [17] (4pq1injbok)
        • Kozado [18] (Legion)
          • Kōt (kodé) {not online yet}
        • Koyek (Legion) {not online yet}
        • Pencek [19] {lexicon here} (Radius Solis)
      • Ndok Aisô [20] (ghur) {broken link, therefore: backup link. A more detailed revised version has been created by boy #12 and cedh audmanh}
    • Eastern Edastean languages:
      • Naidda (Radius Solis) {for reference: the version from the original relay game is here}
      • Buruya Nzaysa (cedh audmanh)
      • Fáralo languages: Fáralo [21] (zompist)
        • Puoni (Radius Solis) {grammar not available; lexicon here}
        • Namɨdu (boy #12)
      • Komeyech (Legion) {not online yet}
    • Qedik [22] (Space Dracula)

  • More detailed information on Edastean language family can be found at the AkanaWiki.