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Calagia ([kə'leɪdʒə]; Arithide Kalagein ['kaləgi:n]) is a region on the north coast of Arophania It was and still is the heartland of the Areth civilisation, being the location of the Calagian culture of more than 5,000 years ago, as well as that of the two largest cities of Arithia in modern times, the capital Lazea and the former capital Isphea.

Site & situation

Calagia sits at the doorway of Arophania to and from Marcasia. Occupying the northern coastal plain, the region overlooks the rich fishing grounds of the Issol A'i, and, coupled with the fertility of its own soil thanks to mineral deposits from the Taphae-Nes river, forms a conducive environment for the emergence of an advanced civilisation.

Modern territorial divisions

Modern Calagia is divided among the municipalities of Lazea and Isphea, and the provinces of Kynein and Adegnein (see map).

Historical significance

Areth settlement first began on Arophania in Calagia. The advanced Neolithic Calagian culture, of which settlements were excavated over most of the region, most notably under the cities of Lazea and Isphea themselves. Thanks to the abundance of the plains of Calagia, agriculture flourished, the Areth population grew rapidly, and specialisation was able to take place. Having given birth to the first Areth cities and kingdoms, Calagia has remained the core of Arithia and the centre of Areth power throughout history, by virtue of its superior location on vital trade routes passing through the Issol A'i.