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Axandu Is the country that was in place of Egypt in and around 10,000 b.c. It wasn't in any way a densly populatred land, it was mainly a dry and barren land, used for farming. There was a heirarchical structure, with a Royal Family. It was discovered by Ashanti Barorem on an Out of Body experience, since then, she takes most of her students there to learn the Official Language.


  • Timani - The Larges area, all desert, used only by travelers.
  • Xashan - The Capital, a large city containing most of the population, there was a marketand lots of farmland.
  • Kaman - The southern most city, very hot land, though quite fertile.
  • Tizimda - a city to the west, where about 4 people lived


The official, and indeed, only language, is Ashamaic, a little must be learned.


Axandu Is mostly history in itself. There was a civil war in approximately 9,761 bc, caused by the King of the time, Spini, dissallowing travel through Timani, causing food lines to be broken. This caused an uproar, as people in Xashan relied heavily on supplies from Kaman, which was the more fertile land. Kaman were fist to rebel, after knowing that their inability to travel the plains would heavily effect the people of Xashan.

Get in

There is only one way. Astral projection. Then ask to go to Ancient Axandu.

Main dangers

Megatherium. Prehistoric bear like creatures, very big, and very touchy.

Stay healthy

Avoid drinking water from the estuaries, watch where locals drink from, they know.


  • The country's people are very devout Koridalavs, two extremely offensive things are exposing yourself to the sun, wether intentional or not. and spitting, as it is seen as insulting the rains efforts, which may make the god of rain not bother.

Touchy Topics

  • The state of someones land
  • Religion
  • Talk of the Royal Family.

Visiting Sacred Ground

  • Do not sight-see during prayers
  • Dress appropriately (no uncovered shoulders or thighs)
  • Do not step into the sacred circle. Not even The King or Priests are allowed.
  • Although there is a make-shift font, at the sites, the water is not for drinking or crossing yourself, it is to ward of evil and touching the water either implies you are evil, or you break the barrier.

Uncommon Customs

  • Waving to people is as bad as sticking one's middle finger up. It means 'i am trying to block you form my sight.'
  • at least some basic language should be learned, trying to shout or attract attention in a another language will lead to the impression of insanity, seeing as these people have no idea foreigners and other languages exist.
  • Don't Write. it will change the course of time if these people were to discover it before the egyptians.


  • Common Currency is Food and Livestock, and is mainly only used in mortgaging.


Bushes are widely available.