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Ashamaic is an ancient language spoke by the people that once inhabited Egypt in 10,240 b.c. it had no writing system and was only spoken. People know the language as they have spoken to spirit guides and shamans who are from this time. Psychic Medium Ashanti Barorem used the help of her spirit guide Bixam to decipher the language and bring it back. There it the National Ashamaic Society in Brooklyn, founded by Ashanti in 1898.

The Ashamis were a very primitive people, however they had democracy, taxes, a heirachical structure and alcohol. See Ashami (race) for more details and see Axandu Travelguide for those who wish to travel back in time .

First of all. The Ashamaic Alphabet.

The alphabet was the basis of alphabets like Greek, Latin and Hebrew, which some people wandering picked up and sounds spread throught the world. The transliteration was invented by Ashanti Barorem in 1884, and is know as the Baroric Alphabet.

A B D E F G H H’ X I K L M N O P R S Sh T Th U V Z.


A - like a in Cat

B - Like in Boat

D - Like in Dance

E - Like in Egg

F - Like in France

G - Like in Gulp

H Like in Ham

H’ Like in ham, only more forced.

X Like the Russian Letter X. (kh)

I - Like in Sit

K - Like in Kit

L - Like in Land

M - Like in Move

N - Like in Nine

O - Like in Dog

P - Like in Person

R - Like in Right.

S - Like in Sit

Sh - Like in Share

T - Like in Time

Th - Like in These, Not like Thump.

U - Like in Put

V - Like in Vicious

Z - Like in Zoo.


Sentences are VSO. Exept in Questions. The, It and are redundant. This that and these are all the same, Ashi.

So, I am riding a bike become Riding I am a bike.

Verbs are inflected, like in Spanish.

Verbs ending ina constonant.

  • To Live - Axan
  • I Live - Axani
  • You (sing) live - Axanu
  • We Live - Axanis
  • They Live - Axanit
  • He Lives - Axano
  • She Lives - Axanot
  • It Lives - Axanom
  • You (pl) Live - Axanut

Verbs ending in a vowel.

  • To Fall - Athene
  • I fall - Athenem
  • You (Sing) fall - Athenet
  • We fall - Athenema
  • They Fall - Athenesh
  • He Falls - Athenex
  • She Falls - Athenexe
  • It Falls - Atheneme
  • You (pl) Fall - Athenetam.

I am riding a bike would become

Katardem bixixlet.

However Questions aren’t much diferent.

Am I riding a bike? Becomes Bike, I ride, then the question marker Kele. OVQ.

Bixixlet Katardem Kele?

More Examples

I like these cakes! 
Amaxim ashi carka!
Do you like these cakes? 
Ashi Carka amaxit kele?
They thought it was a mouse. 
H’arxitit shalame Kaxaz! (They thought, it be a mouse)
Did you (pl) think it was a mouse? 
Kaxaz shalame H’arxitut kele?

Ashamaic Literature

H’um Shalax lanaxi (lit: The man, he is poor The Poor Man) Is a short play written about the death of Axandi Farmer Himex.

Quote from Himex

Galaxum, vathitoxom dis H’avatik, dimali votha, lamidu timam, timam evush laxumve. 
As the sun rose over the horizon, I went to work, you know I do, like every other morning.