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Avench is a personal conlang developed by Adam Nickerson. According to LangMaker, "Its influences are Latin, various dialects of French, German, Spanish, English and Esperanto." Recently, the Avench Babel text and translation were recovered from a link on the archived LangMaker, but the link has since broken. The Babel text in Avench itself is here presented.

Avench Babel Text

  1. Ai sen etnips, toulomaendzje fir metu ian laniaton et ian petuna.
  2. Nec eli fir letu del edst, eli fir trovetu lu prea den Shinar, et eli fir abitet iala.
  3. Eli fir detu, “Bi far fabetu bdrects et epi firetu.” Et eli fir metu bdrect pur roscet, et bdrugin.
  4. Eli fer detu, “Bi far fabetu lu vietli et lu manmogt, pin socmet far rivetu ai sciela. Et bi far fabetu lu nem pur bi, cou bi far betu iesolaed tratse la maendzje.”
  5. DAEU fer vetu lu vietli et lu manmogt, fabetu par lu nefeants el main fir fabetu.
  6. DAEU fer detu, “Toulomaendzje bet avaed, et eli met ian laniaton, et eli fabet luet. Sci luet bet faed, adrien far bet del eli.”
  7. “Si far desoretu elin laniaton, et eli na far campretu toulowatres.”
  8. DAEU fir iesoletu eli ai tratse la maendzje del iala, et eli fir eretu fabetant lu vietli.
  9. Pin nem bet Babel, pur DAEU fir desoretu lu laniaton el toulomaendzje, et li fir iesoletu eli ai tratse le maendzje del iala.


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