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Atas is a conlang about which much not is known. It was created by Patrick Dunn during or before 2004. It may or not have had influences from or a similar structure to Indonesian.

What little is known of the language's structure and grammar can be found in a handful of posts on the conlang mailing list and in the notes from Conlang Relay 10, in which Atas was used.

On the grammar of Atas

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In the 10th Conlang Relay, the author of the language said this:
"Atas is SVO, with modifiers following their heads. Sentential adverbs always come before the sentence. Personal pronouns following nouns indicate possession, except for the third person suffix -ya, which can also indicate definiteness. The third person is suffixed and causes phonological weirdnesses that aren't reflected in the orthography, so you can ignore them. Some prefixes (notably piN-) have an underlying nasal, but that shouldn't cause you much problem. Reduplication of nouns indicates plurality. Reduplication of verbs can indicate intensification or reciprocity (among other things)." (found here)

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