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Archeía is a language created by Anselm Huppenbauer ("Waldkater") in 1998. It is an artlang and an engelang- the author created it to be as euphonious as possible, ideally following the sound patterns of Greek, Quenya and Indonesian. Other influences on the language include Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Sindarin and Bahasa Indonesia.

At least one well-formed daughter language was created, Verdeu.


Potential example

A potential text in the language is available at LangMaker, however it has been slightly corrupted:

 “O· D%26#919;AS RIANDON: On· Ávan os· cestas Ailavunyas auy%26#7869;on w%26#7869;: o· Coía ye o· E%26#958;uva. O· Coía· de sí óla cyé o· valéa os· linyatis, mi’ o· e%26#958;uva ót’ os· e%26#958;atis.” (Ceo Sváyas)

The cores of life: Two thing make up the life of the Ailavundean people: Virtue and outer appearance. The virtue is something like the inner beauty, and the outer appeareance the exterior one.).

Body parts

A list of body parts terms in Archeía has been saved at Frath.

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