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The Amerysk language ("The Ameryske Tunga") is an a posteriori conlang which was created in 1979 by Paal-Eirik Filssunu. It may have been intended to be used by Asatruar as a religious and community language, in order to afford them greater connection to their Germanic ancestors.

The vocabulary seems to be predominantly derived from Anglo-Saxon roots, and there seems to have been an effort to avoid any words derived from non-Germanic sources.

There is evidence that at one point a message board used this language for discussion, however any posts on that board have long since been lost.

A grammar of the language along with some simple example texts remains, however, on the Amerysk home page.

In December 2012 a project was begun both to reconstruct the missing elements of the language and to simplify some of the grammatical forms. The simplification is being done in order to render the language more suitable for use as a regional International Auxiliary Language among speakers of the Germanic languages. The results of this project are to be posted on the Amerysk blog.

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