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Alpítin (also called "Alpítin Talshäyatyam", 'the language of the people') is an a priori personal language which was created by Lauren Tantalo in 2001. Other than a Babel text, nothing else exists of it on the web.

Babel Text

1. Alok itov urmityon atot zheedízhan ilpítin én tyanit én tímit.
2. Én gilok itov urorok atúg urnatan shäyatyam ilkéndan dwúkat od urína Shinar én pachok.
3. Pítok elaato il "Ifijhidus. Én gafédup ilshächashen én takakédup pépozh ileto." Fínok én uv ilshächashen ok ilshälórkan én ók urzichen ilgägan.
4. Pítok il "Ifijhidus. Én chedhédup et uraakos arpiigen ilshagan et uraaté ilumazhen én zekikédup ók urgérétos ep uralmatan talzheedízhan.
5. Ííbyok ók uryajhos itov uralchedhin talshäyatyam én ilumazhen én ilpiigen dhinonam.
6. Pítok dhinonam il, "Tíg ígatyon tíg igos sos ilito itov uralos ilpítin tyanit tíg ong ngäsop ong igop.
7. Ifijhidus. Én ííbyidup én togafidup ilpítin ók urætotop elaato."
8. Én gérok ep urzheedízhan dhinonam ilaato én chedhotok ilumazhen.
9. Tíg ígatyon tíg desok ilpiiga Babél tíg togafok ok ureto dhinonam ilalpítin talzheedízhan. Gérok odh ureto ep uralmatan talzheedízhan dhinonam.


1. At that time the world had speech both one and whole.
2. Men found during the move to the east a plain in Shinar and they settled.
3. They said to themselves, "Listen. We might make bricks and bake them thoroughly." They used bricks but not stones, and for mortar, tar.
4. They said, "Listen. We might create under us a tower that reaches heaven, and under it a city, and we might become known so that we will not be scattered around the earth's face."
5. God descended during the men's creation to see the city and the tower.
6. God said, "If they start to do this while they have one speech, then they will certainly both plan and do.
7. Listen. We might descend and break up the language so they will not understand themselves."
8. God scattered them around the earth and they did not build the city.
9. And so it was named the Tower Babel, because at it God broke up the language of the world. God scattered them from it around the face of the earth.

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