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The universal language of Alaya developed from a mix of 'New' languages from the people of Earth. It came into common use in the Alaya year 1050 as it was decided that the mix of languages was causing barriers between the people of Alaya. It took only 100 years to become fully functional and now only a small group of Alayatha's (Alaya people) speak Earth languages like New English, New American, New Russian, European and Eastern.

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Author User:Lakrymohsa
Type universal language
Year began Alaya 1050
Population 205,000
Spoken in Alaya
Genetic Classification Humanoid
Most Common Word-Order
Morphological Typology
Morpho-syntactic Alignment


Ykuntha suhn rekorez luu noh tayanahuhl - Someone is calling you on the phone. (Someperson be contacting you on speaker the)

Ay ekahy thagrah fa aykes lingrah - I'm the tallest in my class. (I mosttall person in I's learngroup)

Luu sel valau? - How are you? (You feel how?)