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Distance from sun: {{{distance}}}
Year length: 380.0 Alaya days
(348.3 Earth days)
Sidereal day: hours
Solar day: 22 hours
Diameter: 12,756.32 km
(7,926.41 mi)
Surface area: km2
Axial tilt: 23.0081 degrees
Mass: Yg
Gravity: 9.762234 m/s2
Number of moons: 3 (Kata, Kranoh and Platon)

Alaya is a green planet that is situated in the main alternate dimension of Earth, its history and future. Its surface is simular to Earth's (although the continents have shifted into different places) and homes a pretty large ecosystem with nothing too threatening for humans of Earth. There are disputes about its capital as their are 3 main biocities. Vurtuua Kongrah (literally, 'pretty city') is generally the accepted capital. The others being Krantoh Kongrah and Fahra Kongrah. There are a further 1406 towns, and many homes placed a significant distance from neighbouring towns or cities.

There are three main continents of Alaya named Tralahna, Katansa and Protsantya.


In the Earth years 2540-2545 a time shift phenemonen occured which meant people of Earth where able to easily move between both realities. This caused a surge in population on Alaya as 205,800 people moved to the planet, building biocities and creating pathways through the landscape. Minerals where taken from Earth and Titan (Jupiter's moon) to preserve Alaya's beautiful landscape. Some food was brought from Earth but most of it came from Alaya's own sources of nutrition. These were constantly monitored so that the delicate ecosystem remained in balance. Subsequently, not Earth animals where brought over.

On 25th March 2545 the pathway between the dimensions disapeared leaving an estimated 250,000 people stranded on Alaya. They have no contact with Earth.

Time Correspondence

Surprisingly, Alaya's year 1050 (year Alayun was introduced) corresponds to the Earth year 2016 which means that time on Alaya runs backwards. (This is not to say that everything on Alaya moves backwards, it just moves in an opposite direction to Earth). Alayun y0 equates to Earth y2540.


Alayun is the universal language of Alaya developed from a mix of 'New' languages from the people of Earth. It came into common use in the Alaya year 1050 as it was decided that the mix of languages was causing barriers between the people of Alaya. It took only 100 years to become fully functional and now only a small group of Alayatha's (Alaya people) speak Earth languages like New English, New American, New Russian, European and Eastern.

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