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Akekata is a fantasy world being created by juhhmi. Most of the progress has been happening on the linguistic side which is being updated at juhhmi's Linguifex page while other material appears on his deviantART page.


Name Akekata is taken from the language spoken in the Coast of Temples, Aoma, where it means "Divine Foundation". The word is an augmentative form of keka "continent" which again derives from keki "stone". The Aoman word, which was taken into use by Lightlisteners, refers both to the planet and the surrounding material solar system.

The northern and north-western people call their world Grundet (or Ground) which means "Shallow": A legend holds that ancient sailors escaped a cosmic cataclysm and crashed onto the only habitable shallow in the depths of the universal ocean, where the survivors were guided by three beacons Hol, Wod and Nom. It is most often used when talking only about the planet.

In Eastern Empire, the world is known as Neberku, "Place of Vortex", named after Vortex, the Second Creator and Divine Martyr, who according to Hallans gave their life when separating Light from Darkness and created Grundet as a side product.

Solar system

The planet system around the yellow main sequence star, Halla, consists of two terrestrial planets and two gas giants.

Following information shows the results of preliminary measurements conducted by Mbyagh Tyelth, the first intercosmic traveler.

Just have to mention that I should make this hallan system thingy quite realistic for the sake that I study astronomy!


The central star, Halla, is categorized as a yellowish white G0 V star with a surface temperature around 5900 K. The star's radius is 1.3 solar radii and it's mass 1.1 solar masses.

The star represents the imprisoned Light for Lightlisteners while Hallans worship it as their main god.


The god of emotions and blood and the child of Flame and Stone, Thul is a hot, rocky planet orbiting Halla gravity-locked thus always facing it with the same side.

The planet's mass is 0.4 Grundets and its mean radius 0.7 Grundets. Distance from Halla is 0.3 Grundet's distances.


The habitable world: mass 1.1 earth masses, radius 1.1 earth radii, axial tilt ~10º, left-handed spin, distance from halla 1.015 AU

  • day of Grundet is 23.7 human hours and it is divided into 36^3 seconds which are ~1.8 human seconds
  • solar day
  • sidereal day
  • calendar year 378 days of Grundet
  • sidereal year 377.974 days
  • tropical year


moon with a highly eccentric orbit represents the eternal battle of Light and Darkness

mass 0.0008 Grundets and radius 0.1 Grundets

distances vary between

calendar month 38 (?) days


Thought as the god of beauty and the child of Sky and Ocean, Wodak is a gas giant orbiting Halla. It contains the floating palace of god(dess) Wodak. Only two human descriptions of the grand residence exist and even they are highly conflicting: one by Teqrounah of Sceptre from late 5th era and another by Midi Ljazen from early 7th era.

The planet's mass is around 200 Grundets and it's mean radius is 10.2 Grundets. Distance from Halla is 4.5 Grundet's distances.


The god of destiny and the child of Life and Sky, Surumta is an icy moon orbiting Wodak. The moon has an oceanic layer beneath its icy surface, and some Lethusian explorers crashed their intermundane vessel through the ice and met with the local fauna.

The moon's mass is around 0.014 Grundets and it's mean radius is 0.33 Grundets.


Lenesh the Benevolent, creator of Lahan Heartsphere, orbits as a satellite around Surumta and emits a very bright light which can be seen even from Grundet with telescopes. The last time Lenesh visited Grundet was during the fifth millennial cycle when they fought with Onom.


The second, stormy gas giant was named after the god of beasts

The planet has a mass of 89 Grundets and it's radius is seven Grundets. Distance from Halla is 12 Grundet's distances.


 A simple map depicting the regions of Grundet with names.


tectonic plates, continents

  • Sword of Vortex (Western world)
  • Frostroot (Northern world)
  • Herooku (Central world)
  • Land of Rain (Border world)
  • Ommiliacu (Southern land of mountains), not in touch with northern cultures, forgotten or recarded as a myth by most people (except scholars of large academies)

Climate and biomes



The most wide-spread sentient animals on Grundet.


Collection of "books"


  • First: Counted as negative years from the Nought. Not much is known, but something has been figured out from folklore and archaealogical digs. Gods used to reside on Grundet until Nakren's attempt to enter the Spiritual World failed.
  • Second: The era began with the cataclysmic Nought, an asteroid impact, which nearly destroyed the life on Grundet. It wiped great cultures of the past, but Great Circle Culture emerged in Herooku. "To spring as circles from dust." (= "To rise like a phoenix from the ashes.")
  • Third: Age of the Coastal Temples began after the birth of Vortexianism. The religion developed straight into Lightlistening, but gave also birth to a plethora of different religions and cults.
  • Fourth: Era of warmth and wealth meant an end to the Icefolk. The epoch of the era was the emergence of Flow at Centre, which also led to the discovery of the continent Ommiliacu. The era ends into a battle between lords and gods.
  • Fifth: Heyday of knowledge and magical sciences after the birht of Ahuelnism. Heart of Calatni was found, wars were begun and conjured spellmaster Tlaysiutu sailed to Ommiliacu in a series of events, which eventually caused the fall of Ommiliacuan empires.
  • Sixth: Western Tyranny ruled most of the world thanks to their use of Blank, a brainwashing alchemical weapon. Internal struggles cause the death of this behemoth, but give means for the Darkest Ones to unwisely summon Onom, god of beasts, who is only conquered by Lenesh.
  • Seventh: Current era when empires continue rising and falling. Darkest Ones created artificial godmetal and temporarily ruled the Golden Islet (Laha). Lethusians developed intermundane vessels and fled to the void and other planets. Curuvian Cough and Years of Tears caused tremendous grief.

Current year: 7:750

Empires and cultures

  • Northern Monarchy
  • Western Kingdoms
  • Agurnum
  • Coast of Temples
  • Sceptre
  • Eastern Empire


North-Western languages

  • Westlang (=English; in Western Kingdoms, spread during the Western Tyranny)
    • Mixed with the Lost Speech (=Greek+Latin→loan-words)
  • Norrtal (=Svenska; i Norra Monarkin)

Central Herookuan

  • Rinap (Eastern Empire)
  • Aoma (Templar Coast)
  • Negovian (Negovia)

Western Herookuan

  • Sceptrian (=Lusha, in Empire of Sceptre)
  • Guddean
  • Khattish

Eastern Herookuan

  • Thoschian
  • Saravosian

Border Islandian

  • Kher


  • Agurnumian (=Pókutìi)
    • Dowe(ni)an
  • Nendian
  • Windy speech

Eastern Rainlandian

  • Motian

Western Rainlandian

  • Lethusian


  • Alihian
  • Jindwan

Twin Islandian

  • Ljopva


  • Centre Creole (from Auma, Lusha, Pókutìi and Westlang; used by the spellcaster nation)


  • Lightlisteners and their numerous sects: Templar, Northern, Sceptrian, Negovian & several minor
  • Hallans of Eastern Empire
  • Vortexianists
  • Spiritualists
  • Ahuelnists
  • Alchemists(?)


Worship of gods may be regional or at least in some form even global although some philosophical schools consider gods only as very skilled spellcasters.

Elemental Lords

Four of the Ancient Elemental Lords control the four classical elements while one takes care of the dead. Lord of Life is said to have committed a suicide which filled the world with life through the minced pieces of the Lord.

  • Air, Lord of Sky
    • God Flow stole the powers of their other parent
  • Water, Lord of Ocean (in the depths in the minds of Grehts)
  • Fire, Lord of Flame (Isle of Fire)
  • Earth, Lord of Stone (digging tunnels for Death)
  • Death, Lord of Death (subterranean Land of the Dead)

Physically, the Lords are veiled in a mysterious mist hard to look at, faceless, genderless, telepathically communicating beings which seem to be able to take almost any physical form. Actually, their shape-changing is only an illusion since they are masters in mind-penetration and mental manipulation. Both telepathic transmissions and their use of elemental magic change the shade of gray on their skin, varying from misty white to deep black.


Children of Lords, competing of human worshippers on Grundret, some inhabit the outer planets or comets surrounding Halla. Hermaphrodites capable of autogamy as Noctu, god of fertility, swiftly demonstrated. Children of a human and a god are born infertile.

Spiritual world

Deserves its own subpage

Spiritual world is an infinite, ever-expanding multiverse in a cube lattice where each node contains a universe in it various phases thanks to a second (+more?) time dimension. Also known as Ahuelni, the structure is a library dedicated to creating new universes for collecting more and more information to shape universes better and to build a more effective version of the library for the joy of curiosity.

The barrier around Akekata was greatly weakened when gods (mainly Nakren, thus creator of magic) attempted to enter the Spiritual world and harness its energy. Heart of Calatni of Ommiliacu was born during the endeavour.

  • "Oh, admire our beautiful garden and the perfectness of True Ahuelni!"
  • "Hmm... If Ahuelni were perfect, then how come the multiverses will consist of impurities?"
  • "I never claimed Ahuelni were perfect now. They will be as they aspired to be True. Since Ahuelni have been eternal, They already were perfect."
  • "Are you trying to confuse us? You claim, They've reached the uncountable infinity?"
  • "Now, now, time is flat now. That means one can live in circles, knowing what is to come."
  • "But everything knows we or even Bneuli can't do that."
  • "Ahuelni won't be us. We were only a part of Them."
  • "But if They knew what is going to happen, why haven't They skipped all this or prevented Their creations from destroying our local flawlessness?"
  • "Did you consider that even the smallest detail might have a great importance on the journey towards ultimate perfection?"
  • "Hmm... Perhaps, the perfection were the plethora of details after all... Counting all the distorted details like gods as well."
  • "Indeed. And by adding more details, one is helping Ahuelni reach the perfect level of perfection, thus leaping beyond the uncountable."
  • "Well, let's plant some spirits then and help our True Creator!"
    • Short debate between the hands of Hpjaste, the extremely ambidexterous caretaker of Philosophers' Garden of School of Inspiration
    • One has to account that Ahuelni are constantly expanding and rearranging Themself at an infinite scale to reach Culmination of Omniscience, and couldn't care less what their "atoms" think of them... Although They constantly have to, in order to maintain the spirit of all-knowing. And how does one even separate the Entity from its constituents? If I think, Ahuelni has to Think.
      • The concept of Completion has been pondered over for eternities and at least the School of Unanimity will agree that becoming continuous is one possibility. Reports of collapsed nodes have reached the Akekatan node, although the collapsars were soon moved to unknown dimensions. This has been seen as the nearing of Completion, though the School of Incompleteness argues that the collapse of an eternal lattice will take an eternity.


The universe node containing Akekatan cosmos is called Aweroot (from Aoman Aurrauta). The node's surface is the interior surface of a sphere which deforms into the unfathomable Sea of Spirits outwards and Vapor of Free Ones inwards. Different reincarnations of the cosmos float as islands on the surface of the Sea, spiralling towards six vast crystallic Rivers (mountain-sized columns) which reach from surface to the now unreachable centre perpendicularly from all six cardinal directions. The Rivers covered in triangular arches rise from their weights hovering in abysmal shafts surrounded by toroidal Fountains. Three hovering rings surround the Rivers and are inhabited by higher free spirits.

Millennial cycle works as a cosmic saving point which releases more Mysterium onto Grundet and generates divine events. The Nakren incident revealed a weakness of the Node as it influenced the local cycle, tying it to Grundet's orbit and making it exactly millennial for Akekata. The shorter frequency requires more energy, which attracts Curuvian creatures from the Shaft and forced Bneuli to hide beyond infinity into the Heart of Bneuli. "In past joyous times, Bneuli's glowing tentacles would reach out from the Heart and caress us, the wisest of spirits."

Architecture of Aweroot


Lesser spirits from the Sea of Spirits may end up in various solar systems into living, mostly sentient creatures to collect information.

Higher spirits build structures into Aweroot and encode the agglutinating knowledge which enlightened ponder on their journey towards Bneuli.

Spirits feed on ambrosia which is the essence of knowing and sates their curiosity. Without it they will start to consume themselves and disintegrate for other spirits' to feed on.

"Can you see the dim flashes of light from depths of the Sea? They are echoes of the lighting caused by the creatures you call gods. Hiding around your world, they breed your kin like you raise lesser animals. Then they collect the offspring and corrupt the poor cores to drink from our Sea. Thus we are feeding them the abysmal ones." - Tshuhji, Lower Wing of Wise Warsprite Dzagho-Bvem, recorded by retailer Lint Mongwa of Perplexing Mushroom colony A-7:309 during Years of Tears.


Cores are imprisoned spirits on grundet.


Core string enables interaction between living tissue and feyfield oscillations. It forms a door and a window to Aweroot. The window is often located in concentrations of nerval tissues (brain) while the door is located around the heart.

Human cores. Ancestral manes.

Ancestral trees, source of godwood, have accumulated Spiritual Energy and contain fragments of ancient spirits.

Also found in some animals, thus called Noble, and in their body parts.


Naturally concentrated energy can be found as underground crystallized glowrocks which are an important mining product and merchandise. These cores can help alchemists and spellcasters in otherwise unfavourable locations when they are worn as amulets or installed onto godwooden staves.

Godmetal seems to be one form of mind-combining enlaced energy, but as the name suggests, it is far from forgeable and mostly used by gods. Recent feyscopical measurements indicate that godmetal


Corbs or core orbs are tangible Spiritual Energy condensates. Special rituals have been devised for invoking and compressing a free spirit of energy into a pure white corb the size of a chicken's egg, but completely round and glowing green light in the shade. One has to be careful that the spirit becomes marked to the creator and doesn't start a live of its own. The spirit has to be fed with stories or songs to recharge the energy level, and one may use the services of Singers' houses to change their worn corb into a charged one for a decent price.

Blaccorbs or black core orbs are used to store human cores with memories and free will. Their surface resembles black and green striped agate marble, but the patterns may slowly shift. They are forbidden in Empires of Central World but on Twin Islands, their use is favoured. To become a blaccorb, one has to be killed by stabbing one "anchor dagger" to the heart and another to the brain. This has to happen almost simultaneously but the heart anchor should be inserted slightly before the brain one to keep the mind intact. Then the glowrock anchor pommels receive the core ends and are taken to the Condensarium which fuses them to create the blaccorb.

On Twins, many wealthy people continue their lives as Revenants who are still capable of using magic. Their appearance is often an emu egg sized blaccorb hovering in the air, surrounded by an ornate receptacle with a standing lace ruff and a hanging robe with the family symbol. Similarly to birth-blind people, they "see" through spirit echoes and resonances. Revenants have a right to only a part of their previous possessions while the rest is distributed according to the will. They have no right to vote or run for elections.


Dreaming projects a hologram of one's core and its memory signature to Aweroot through the brain-window. Leaking information/mysterium strengthens the surrounding magical phenomena and also one's creativity (especially just before falling asleep when a window begins to form).

Free spirits harvest most important new memories on islands of visions where dream-bound people are forced to experience their mind contents. Sometimes people manage to influence the dreams of other people by accident or intentionally, even if they lived in different eras.

Lucid dreaming enables one to escape from an island and wander around in Aweroot. If one is not careful, it may lead to sleep paralysis (mild contamination), amnesia (spatiotemporal core malfunctions) or even possession incidents (core entanglement or spiritual invasion). Since core-entangled wake-dreamers provide an excess flow of mysterium, they are utilized by spellcaster armies until the subjects burn.

The most zealous of Darkest Ones fail to realize that "the magic of the night sky" is only the excess flow from the sleeping people. Thus their goal to destroy Halla lies on a shaky foundation.


Universe of almost all scripts and texts. Works as a portal station to the universe of languages. (relation of these to Aweroot?)

"Imagine a white mist where obsidian slabs of text in innumerable types of scripts float around, intersect, bend, continue beyond their borders... Gravity may work similarly to the reading direction or may not work. In some areas the slabs form three-dimensional whirlpools which seem to extend further in than they geometrically should. Then view your own body consisting of the script of your mother tongue, skin being written with general truths while hidden inside your body are all your secrets. Beware the local fauna: Archivists, swirling tentacles of text traveling in other realms beyond the slabs, which will return every escaped excerpts into the script where they belong. Thus you might be absorbed by your mother script. Readers, flying tailed eyes with poking pointers, on the other hand will examine you intensively and then shred you into logical bits. That's how one may become ribbonized and released into a whirlpool. Last but not the least, treelike Writers will continue your story with their pen branches, even against your own will. Then you'll end up as a mutated blob or be fused with your travel companions. This is what I witnessed during the journey of our hapless expedition in order to find a way to translate Icefolk texts." - Tiljus Guenkue /ciɭɤ: k͡pɛɱɛ/, translator of Toshian codexes, 6th era 609

As a way to survive, create your own script and language. This will grant you the status of a free, individual slab.


Chartpixians are perhaps a higher-dimensional race or an effect inhabiting one of the six neighbouring nodes. The name derives from spellmaster Mapre Ljakue's /ɱɔʙa ɭɔⱱa/ last sounds right after he had farappeared back from the node, crushed and twisted by strange forces. He was followed by an orb entwined with Chartpixian three-dimensional glyph swirls [as strange attractors], and the artefact is now protected, examined and worshipped by the Lavan cult in the human Aweroot settlement of Blue Fir. Julius Mach stole one the glyphs, but whilst returning to Akekata the glyph vortex grew in size, ate him and imploded with a creaky voice. After that, the glyph reappeared around the orb with a completely new, asymmetric hook. Since then, no one has tried to transport pieces of the artefact into our physical realm.

The entire existance of the speculated entity is controversial, but at least Mept Qoda was reported of uttering exactly the same sounds after she had failed in proving the possibility of surviving a visit to the node. Some claim that another orb, a warning, appeared, but was taken by free spirits. Whether the sounds were actually caused by their last breaths flowing through their distorted bodies remains to be tested.

Recently, Lady 'tecıuqb /t͡ɕecʉkɘf/ was able to show that using mighty ink of Scriptorium, one is able to translate some universal protoconcepts of the glyphs. She realized that instead of a warning, the orb is a set instructions for properly "behaving" in the node. Later she managed to send one of her "volunteered" students to the realm; although the student returned comatose, he didn't suffer any violent distortions. Future expeditions are being planned and the medical state of the student is being examined through dream surgecy. (To the concerned: the student did get his academic credits even though he didn't perform perfectly.)


works: Magic of Grundet


Mysterium is blood of Aweroot

  • Elementary particle entanglement and reactions
  • Probability concentration manipulation
  • Double magic number preference in atoms
    • Helium-4: not attested on Grundet, but important for the presence of Hallan machinery (protective helium swirls keep hydrogen off and perhaps enrich it with mysterium and allow better pressure and temperature control in the star envelope)
    • Oxygen-16: major cause behind classical elemental magic
      • Fire: oxidation > also Light
      • Air: some gases, O2 of course
      • Earth: minerals with oxygen, e.g. most sand crystals
      • Water: H2O is almost everywhere
      • Life and Death: tissue and fluid control, healing (ceasing blood flow)
    • Calcium-40: in some minerals and important in healing (ossifying broken bones)
      • Burning salts to produce orange light
    • Nickel-48: in weapons (to strike faster) and aeropendograph (mind-controlled floating vessel which is made to hover over paper and write by jumping from mark to mark; control of ink as well?)
    • Lead-208: weaponized as flying needles
    • (Tin)


magical field from the flow of mysterium


As well as being derived from mysterium particle control, elemental representation has deeper level causes entwined with the natural forces and basic cosmic structure. Controling these was mostly in the domain of Ancient Elemental Lords, but some great spellmasters have acquired similar powers.


electromagnetism + weak force as true light; metal dust burning causes secondary light


chemical reactions, catalyst (local time?) and oxygen+calcium guiding


mass (gravitational & inertial), attraction and repulsion

  • Extremely short increase of neutrino mass locally to obliterate enemies


translation, rotation and oscillation (vibrations -> temperature + oxidation)



  • Would explain how Lord of Death can collect their army and control their palace dimensions.
  • Dying opens a portal to Aweroot, which lies beyond the ordinary materia-temporal realm.
  • Time is mentioned being the child of Death and Ocean.


strong force and hydrogenogenesis

  • "elementary particle" <-> "mysterium particle" oscillations are possible through inducible reactions between feyfield and the vacuum fluctuative foam


Minor use of magic has found its way into the ordinary life, but various side-effects, such as dehydration, fever, diarrhea, internal bleeding, burns, tumors, madness, coma and even death, reduce the enthusiasm of common folk. The most ordinary auxiliary spells include simultaneous creation of fire and water, lightening of heavy objects, telecommunication,


Center of Magical Studies

Twin Islands

State of free magic, even "evil"


mysteriuos technomagical practices of the Icefolk


attempts to produce Godmetal