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Ahua is an a priori personal language which was created by Richard Kennaway. Very little is known about it, though some words do exist.

Words in Ahua

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"Whereas he [Aalberg's Ahuan informant] gave single words of Ahua for many highly complex and apparently arbitrary concepts (such as kktsô = "zither that sounds like a tree"), names for numbers took a great variety of forms, to the extent that no two occurrences of the notion of, say, "5", would ever be referred to by the same word. The data he furnished are sketchy, but we list them here.

  • zero: fholg, fal, fh', 'g, û
  • one: 'g', tmklo, l/ll, l/ll, (he listed six sounds between l and ll which he insisted were distinct), iinhh, and several words with multiple simultaneous clicks which were beyond our ability to transcribe.
  • two: The informant gave a list of several hundred words, which it would be futile to list, since this was (he told us) only a tiny fragment of all of the possible names for the number 2.
  • three: krr

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