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Aelya is a conlang which was created by Aidan Grey prior to 1999. There are only a few bits of information available on it on the entire internet. It was derived from Quenya with influences from Sindarin and Irish. It had been abandoned by 2002 in favor of Taalennin.[1]

Aelya Phonology

What is known of the phonology of Aelya can be found in a message board post from 2000.

Grammar of Aelya

What is known of the grammar of Aelya is in another message board post from 1999.

Another message talks about the plural in Aelya.

Texts in Aelya

"E eneiss che en abhog, maudo ne in en ech eil." ('If you call me insane again, I'll eat your other eye.') - From here, also here.

Aelya appeared in the Fourth Conlang Relay in 2001, translating from Uatakassí (now Christina Taylor's Classical Kasshian):

Ceidh ya lossan Tedheaga
En rennan sa chaum
As taun ein sa chaum
Nashin caille e bpalas
As eurand li gcill aren
As vannan na dtaur abhad
De ghon tabh Fenna ne sa thaur
Essan ein sa rhaubh
As nossan raubh bhein
Ly mola len ya leirn e n'ess.

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