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Þeal is a continent on the planet Aarð. It has been developed in greater depth than most other continents on the planet by its creator, Navidel. It was previously home to the Empire of Ðanmar; the kingdoms of Yaþín, Sonyēl, Tlazca, Arþon, Gadón, and Abzar; the Xolcti League; and the culture often called Avarra. Currently, it contains the nation of Budenor, the Turan Qañét, the Northern States, the Aasti tribes, and Doria.

List of Locales

Northern States

  • Tlazca
  • Ploktí
  • Xolctilán
  • Kaspra
  • Chiyangza
  • Ašti
  • Aniku
  • Hari

Turan Qañét

Yaþín (region)

  • Kurii (Curi)
  • Ðanmar
  • Eðên
  • Olara
  • Ari
  • Bolka
  • Ceþi
  • Arcen
  • Þonê


Northern Budenor

  • Olotan
  • Áranel
  • Zari
  • Ēnor
  • Oras
  • Ekti

Sonyēl (region)

  • Tēri
  • Asopan
  • Ahil
  • Karþ
  • Oraþ
  • Soren


  • Uralia
  • Lamén
  • Ocí


Ancient Times

When applied to the history of Aarð, Ancient Times is not a general term but a specific one. It refers to a period of time between ÐE -437 and ÐE 0, when the kingdoms of Yaþín, Ðanmar, Tlazca and Sonyēl were at their peaks. The Xolcti League was also active during this period, until it was formally dissolved in ÐE -108, a hundred years after the Last Dynasty of Avarra came to power in the south.

Classical Period

In this period of Aarði history, Ðanmar rose to power, conquering Yaþín in ÐE 0 and Avarra in ÐE 39. The Turan Tribes arrived largely unnoticed from the west around ÐE 230. The Northern States had been in disarray ever since the Xolcti League was dissolved in -108, and remained so until just before the fall of Ðanmar in 622, which marked the end of the Classical Period.

Dark Age

The name Dark Age for the period between ÐE 622 and 1438 is somewhat of a misnomer. It was coined by Turan historians, who viewed their nation as the only truly civilized one around. Many of the peoples of Budenor, Doria, and the Northern States view this as a positive period in history. Aasti Tribesfolk from the East overran the former Ðanmar empire during this period (about ÐE 630-700), founding the kingdoms of Arþon, Gadón, Doria and Abzar. Politics in the North became somewhat more stable with the return of some of the old alliances (i.e. Ašti-Tlazca, Xolctilán-Hari, and Chiyangza-Ploktí). The period ended with the rise of Turan Qañ Talii I.

Modern Times