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Distance from sun: 0.7834 AU
Year length: 260.0 Aarði days
(253.263815 earth days)
Sidereal day: 23.5026976 hours
Solar day: 23.37819831 hours
Diameter: 13,072 km
(8,124 mi)
Surface area: 536,826,505.9 km2
(207,343,154.8 mi2)
Axial tilt: 19.277382 degrees
Mass: 6021.2 Yg
(1.007968394 earths)
Gravity: 9.40687056 m/s2
Number of moons: 2 (Cetí and Tiró)

Aarð is a conworld created by Navidel. The planet is 13072 km (approximately 8124 US miles or 2442.81 great leagues) in diameter. Aarð, whose name comes from an Aasti word meaning Earth, is the second planet from its parent star, a main sequence class G9 with a mass of 0.8501 solar masses. It is technically a binary planet, orbited by a body known as Tiró that is .97 times its mass. A smaller moon known as Cetí orbits around both bodies (technically, the barycenter). The Aarð-Tiró system shares its sun with several other planets, including Luariaþ, a small, hot rocky planet thats orbits closer to the sun than Aarð does; Odonor, and several more distant planets.

Þeal, a small continent on the lower right of the map, is the most highly developed part of Aarð. Other landmasses seen on the map include Ornoþ (upper left), Samir (top center), Goriað (upper right), Zuniaar (lower left), Niraþ (west of Þeal), and the islands of Saiyic (east of Þeal), Soktareŋ (west of Goriað), Astaraþ and Cion (between Ornoþ and Zuniaar), and the Þanit archipelago (far left of map).