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Tohayes isim! I am the documenter of the Lehola Galaxy (the planets Kankonia, Shaleya, Shanu, Junsu, Hapoi, Bt!a, Tayaon, Cetonia, Mensinghi, Chatony, Bodus, Javarti, Stoemom, Rathar, Phadon, Saros, Bikason, Zidrova, Dheludho, Goros, Kwemos, Keitel, Psittacotia, Syprian, Tziel, Nocturnia, Nepentha, Danton, Chedam, Branovia, Saaben, Ispatchi, Querre, Balkuna, Nexon, Pluos, Ptasiklo, Natwri, Tuhuukhali, etc.)

I have also created the Txabao people and their language for the collaborative conworld of Damta.

I am the inventor of the Khemehekis Conlanger Taxonomy. Yes, that means I invented the term "scrapper". I am also the first person to have used the term "altlang".

Hi Khemehekis! Thanks for alerting me to your addition. Got banned from the Other Place, so have no other way of contacting thee. I remember discussing this over there and would like to but ask a favour: as you scrounge the archives over there, if you find anything of this sort that you think would make for a good article here, would you mind writing such things into articles? I've done that in the past and I believe it's a good way to cross-pollinate broader community lore. Elemtilas (talk) 18:02, 23 September 2019 (PDT)

The KCT is being discussed (relatively) nowish over on Conlang-L. I think it's getting a fair airing and there are some valid criticisms that you might want to consider looking at, even if you don't participate in the discussion. LINK Elemtilas (talk) 13:16, 2 October 2019 (PDT)