South Albic

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South Albic
Spoken in: southern Britain and elsewhere
Timeline/Universe: League of Lost Languages
Total speakers:
Genealogical classification: Hesperic
South Albic
Old Albic
Low Elvish
Sea Elvish
Created by:
Jörg Rhiemeier 2001-

South Albic is a branch of the Albic family spoken in southern Britain and several colonial areas including Macaronesia. It includes the classical form of Old Albic as well as the modern Low Elvish and Macaronesian languages.

South Albic is the largest branch of Albic in terms of both languages belonging to it and speakers of those languages.

The classical Old Albic language is based on the South Albic dialects of the classical period, and the modern South Albic languages can be considered more or less direct descendants of it.