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Spoken in: Europe
Timeline/Universe: The Elvenpath
Total speakers: ca. 5,000
Genealogical classification: Hesperic
South Albic
Low Elvish
Basic word order: VSO
Morphological type: fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: active-stative
Created by:
Jörg Rhiemeier 2001-

Sinjenich (Moonchildish) is an Albic language of the Low Elvish group. Its speakers, the Moonchildren (Sinjen, sg. Senjan), are nomadic Elves. Their language is strongly influenced, especially in vocabulary, by Shelta and Romani. Otherwise, it is very close to Avalonian.


There are three main dialect areas:

  • Northwestern: British Isles, northern France, Low Countries, Germany, northern Switzerland, northern Austria, Scandinavia
  • Southwestern: Iberian peninsula, southern France, Italy
  • Eastern: Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, former Yugoslavia, Rumania, Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine

The main phonological differences between these areas are:

  • The alveolar affricates ts, dz occur only in Eastern Sinjenich.
  • The postalveolar affricates tsh [tʃ], dzh [dʒ] occur only in Eastern and Southwestern Sinjenich.
  • The front rounded vowels ø, y occur only in Northwestern Sinjenich.