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See also: Kala word formation, Kala thematic lexicon, and Kala etymological lexicon

This page serves to show lexical relationships and derivations of Kala lemma. Most of them are reverse-engineered due to having been borrowed from natural languages.


  • pah- - related to opposition; force; counterpart
paha - be evil; fierce; vicious; ugly; coarse
pahe - against; touching [LOC]
pahi - be compatible; conform; tolerate
pahu - burst; crack; breach
  • pun- - related to tiny mass; fine objects; comparatively small
puna - dirt; earth; land; soil; mud
punu - minute; moment
punya - jab; poke; stab
punye - numerator


tapa - lid; top; cover; canopy; roof; ceiling tapi - swing; seesaw; trapeze tapo - shoulder; upper arm tapu - be ample; buxom; shapely tapua - rectangle; be square-like tapya - follow; accompany tapye - take (something, someone) seriously tapyo - cassava [leaves] tampi - taboo; to avoid sth (as taboo)


  • kets- - related to abstract repulsion
ketsa / -ke - doubt; suspicion [dubitative DUB]
ketsi - rough; coarse (in texture)
ketsu - unruly; rude
ketsua - resolution; decision; statement of intent
  • ko(n)t- - related to rhythm; beat; dripping
kota - details; particulars
kote - divulge; leak out
koto - drum beat; rhythm; tempo; play ~
konte - convey; distribute; send
konto - flow [the movement of liquid]; current


masa - cervine; deer; elk mase - dance; move music; flicker [flame] masi - door/window frame masu - countryside; areas outside the city masua - pipe [smoking utensil] masue - be nimble; agile; lithe; graceful


  • n(k)ap- - related to alcohol, grapes, fermentation
ponkapa - cider; hard ~ (+ pom- apple)
nkapa - alcohol; ale; beer; lager
napa - grape; raisin
napya - wine


seka - be dry; sharp; strict seko - scorpion seku - to plan; to lay out; to design; policy sekua - follow the trail of; track; trace sekyo - bacterium; germ senku - think poorly of someone


hita - throw; cast; expel hite - inflect (in grammar); decline; conjugate hika - wait; wait for; pause hiki - be short; soon [duration] hiku - eaves; ledge or brim


tsana - meditation; meditate tsane - pavilion; gazebo; roofed tent tsani - story; tale; tell ~ tsaniko - lecturer; speaker; storyteller tsanua - outlook; prospect; look ahead; look forward to


  • tlak- - related to interconnectedness; entanglement
tlaki - unimpeded; at ease; free from worry; fluent
tlako - dither; hesitate; pace back and forth; irresolute
tlaku - enmesh; wrap around; web; net
tlakunase - cobweb; spider web
tlakyo - watered-down drink; mixed-drink
tlanke - oval; ellipse; be ellipsoidal


  • (V)la - related to motion, movement, change
tala - return; come [back]; arrive
ala - wing
ela / -la - become; change into; turn into [MUT]
ila - sail; fly; navigate
ola >> otla - bird; avian
ula / -la - any; indefinite; some~ [INDEF]
yala / -la - walk; go; travel


  • in- - related to food; ingestion; digestion
ina - food; eat; sustenance
inaha - feast; buffet
inahi - snack
inu - drink; beverage
inua - food and drink; diet; cuisine
inya - hunger