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Deymual [deiˈmuəl] or Deymûl, also known as Dda difii / Ða difî [ða ˈdifə], is an artlang by Jonathan North Washington. It was developed originally in 1998, and was abandoned around 2000. It was an attempt to simplify Deviasew, and was inspired by Welsh and NYC immigrant English.

An orthography called Mumaniiw was developed for Deymual.

Text samples

The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls

A poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Dda twth leveth, idd twth buaneth,
Dda tual oskureth, idd birdandd lluaneth;
Badd zey zandw aldw i brunw.
Dda triztor rapeth andd vil,

Idd twth leveth, idd twth buaneth.

Oskur add tapw idd mirw resseth,
Maseydd mar, dda mar, add oskur llaneth;
Ddw llollw ktanw, madduth manw suavw i pllannw,
Raysuth ddw pritw eydd piab add sannw.

Idd twth leveth, idd twth buaneth.

Dda predeyddum doemseth, ddw ferdw add stualw;
Tamputh i drynuth umk lluaneth dda llual
Deyddum volveth, masey trizor
Volveth llamath andd bizor.

Idd twth leveth, idd twth buaneth.

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